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Rovinj Apartment Center 4
Type: Apartment B4+2PRICE: €Persons: 4+2  Bedrooms: 2Center: 50m  Beach:
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Rovinj Apartments Ana 3
Type: Apartment A2+2PRICE: €Persons: 2+2  Bedrooms: 1Center: 1800m  Beach:
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Rovinj Apartment LAK23
Type: Apartment A2+2PRICE:Persons: 2+2  Bedrooms: 1Center: 800m  Beach:
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Rovinj Apartment Centener
Type: B4+1PRICE: €Persons: 4+1  Bedrooms: 2Center: 1000m  Beach:
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Rovinj Bosket 114 Apartments
Rovinj Bosket 114
Type: Apartment A2+1PRICE: Persons: 2+1  Bedrooms: 1Center: 800m  Beach:
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Rovinj Apartment Polari
Type: Studio S2+1PRICE: €Persons: 2+1  Bedrooms: 1Center: 2800m  Beach:
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Rovinj Apartment VAL6-4
Type: Apartment B4+1PRICE: €Persons: 4+1  Bedrooms: 2Center: 1200m  Beach:
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Rovinj Apartment 104
Type: Studio S2PRICE: 30 - 58€Persons: 2  Bedrooms: 1Center: 900m  Beach:
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Special Offer - Villa in Istria

CAPACITY: 8 - 10 persons
Swimming pool
4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

8 - 10 persons

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